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Hey there! We hope your journey has bought you here, or maybe curiosity has... As long as you are here with an open mind and heart to the wonderful world of ageplay and full immersion regression therapy.


Little Big Land was an idea born from a family of practising ageplayers. After several dissapointing attempts at other ageplay events and admist the discussions afterwards somewhere a little golden nugget of an idea popped out.


With strong roots in our community and with such heart behind the event we knew from the start how, what and who we wanted to be as an event. Having such diversity in our family, friends and community out inclusion policy gave us our backbone.


Through our first year we had such a rollarcoaster! A restricted venue space, we grew. A full venue space, we grew. Pre and after events needed, we grew and moved! Success after sucess came from such a loyal and kind community that we thank our lucky stars to be here now!



The Pride and our team of trusted bigs define ourselves as:


* Family run

* All inclusive

* Non sexual

* Full headspace immersion



We aim to create a safe space for everyone to come and explore the wonderful innocent world of Little Big Land. A place to shed the responsibility of the everyday world, to indulge and connect with your inner child and to take joy in the simple pleasures of life. Take a walk down memory lane and have the opportunities to relook or relive those magical moments with friends.


We are a quarterly event and call home at 'The Penthouse' in Birmingham. Full address details can be found in our event listings or contact page. Each event we try to theme in some way and work hard to provide a balance of structured activities with freedom to play the way you want to. We hold a strict 18+ Policy and require ID Every time you attend.


We do try to encourage kind play and always respect for the headspace. We also operate on a strict non sexual policy. We respect and enjoy our own kinks enough to understand that each relationship and person is different but this event is geared towards total headspace immersion in a purely innocent environment.


The Pride as a whole take a personal interest in all the journeys of the littles around us. We have all experienced some struggles in connecting to our own littles so we love to watch as yours come alive in those magical moments. Hearing the experiences we have provided the space for fills our hearts and why we will always be a family happy to Roar: #liberateyourlittle.


Any and all queries please visit our contact page and use our online form, check out the FAQs first to see if your questions already been answered!

Underworld Venue

Birmingham, West Mids


Your journey starts here.